Associate Professor of Sociology

Professor Brock’s research and teaching explored processes of social, moral and sexual regulation. For many years her research focussed on the regulation of sexual labour in Canada and provided a compelling argument for the decriminalization and de-stigmatization of the sex trade.

Throughout her career, Professor Brock committed to producing scholarly books that are accessible to undergraduate students. She collaborated with colleagues in the creation of numerous collections, inspired by their shared passion for undergraduate teaching that informs, unsettles and inspires. Her final edited collection, Governing the Social in Neoliberal Times (2018), is a collaboration with scholars who share her concern about the transformations of everyday life within the broader economic and political contexts framing the late 20th/early 21st centuries. Professor Brock believes that the core task of sociology is to better understand our world and contribute to positive social change. Ultimately, equality, justice and peace must prevail for the sustainment of not merely livable, but fulfilling, lives.

1 July 2024: Professor Emeritus/Retirement